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Who: First Aid and Sixshot.
Where: CITY
When: A while after First Aid gets well enough to walk around again.
What: Not a Date.
Warnings: Gay robots.

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Who: Tarn and Megatron
Where: in the city :T
When: sometime
What: Tarn gets caught exactly where he should not be.
Warnings: threats of violence. possibly actual violence.
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Who: Rampage and Tarn. Maybe Spinister?
Where: In the city. Where you shouldn't be, Tarn
When: Probably after Tarn talks to Brainstorm about anti-Rampage weaponry
Warnings: Horrible murderer stalks other horrible murderer so... who know

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Who: Sentinel Prime, Tarn, Spinister
Where: Out in the sticks
When: Somewhen after Tarn's exile /hand wobbly motions
Warnings: None as of posting but can/will edit as needed

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Jan. 9th, 2016 04:19 pm
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[With literally zero preamble, the camera clicks on to show the Roller's profile as he apparently talks to something off-screen.]

C'mon little guy, we live in the middle of a city with giant, crazy bots everywhere. You've got to get your tailpipe across this road.

[The camera swings around to the small, barely active drone huddled up in the middle of a street, curled up like a turtle.]

[There's a beat. And then Roller's voice (muffled and lowered) speaks up again:]

Leave me alone, you big weirdo!

[Cue the camera swinging back to Roller again, who just shakes his head.]

Nah, he's not gonna do it.

[Then the big bot just... cracks up, like he just told the best joke ever, before turning the camera off.]

[This has been: Shitposting with Officer Roller.]
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Who: Ratchet and Spinister
Where: Clinic!
When: After Tarn hunts down Brainstorm
Warnings: Personal space invasion

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Who: Brainstorm, Tarn, and guest star Spinister
Where: Brainstorm's workshop
When: After Tarn discovers their liasons
Warnings: Anxiety

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Who: Rampage and Sixshot
Where: In a dump.
When: After Rampage 'visits' Tarn.
What: Sixshot's sense of smell is unfortunately good.
Warnings: Angry sad robots.

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Who: Tarn and Spinister
What: life is bad
When: sometime
Where: The wastes
Warnings: none

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Who: Brainstorm & Spin
What: Brainstorm works on a horny bow
When: Over time after sex pollen
Warnings: regrets and a cupid's bow

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Who: First Aid, Rampage and Sixshot
What: Sixshot plays fetch.
When: A little bit after First Aid's intensive surgeries.
Where: The clinic!
Warnings: Awkward robots!

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Who: Tarn and Rampage
What: Rampage is pretty sure Tarn's life isn't shitty enough.
When: After Tarn's banishment.
Where: The boonies
Warnings: Two horrible murderbots for the price of one thread.

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Who: Helex and whoever wants to look at his ugly mug.
What: Big angry sad confused Easy Bake Oven not sure how to handle the fallout.
When: Somewhen after Tarn dramas.
Where: WHEREVER WORKS REALLY. He's sort of out and about.
Warnings: Potential violence if you really annoy him? Otherwise not much honestly.

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Who: Megatron and Sixshot
What: Sixshot teaching Megatron da moves
When: Some time after Tarn's execution fiasco.
Where: D-con base
Warnings: Sensei sad doge.

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Who: Tarn and 'Friends'
What: post-'execution' drama
When: immediately after Tarn's shitty life is spared
Where: D-con base/ Medibay
Warnings: Tarn yells.

Starters inside
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Who: First Aid & open
What: post-Tarn drama
Where: Autobot Medibay
Warnings: mention of horrible robot gore, hospital setting

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Nov. 6th, 2015 09:32 am
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[It isn't often Megatron decides to post to the network, but the darkened expression presents quite a different air to initial plea for cooperation he'd posted sometime back.]

I've seen what we can do when we put our efforts together. We've built a home out of ruin, a meager spark of civilization on the graveyard of our predecessors.

But there are still threats to the existence we've carved here. Cybertronians who are stuck in the past and seek to inflict violence where none is needed. 

[He steps back to allow a better view of the space around him.]

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Who: Ironhide & Ratchet
What: Totally not a date or a robooty call.
Where: Autobot Medibay probs
Warnings: mmmmmmmmaybe NSFW nonsense

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Who: Tarn and First Aid with a guest appearance by Rampage, Tarn and Sixshot
What: Tarn has "words" with First Aid
When: a few weeks after pollen
Where: somewhere near the Autobot Medibay
Warnings: gratuitous robot violence. Seriously.

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Who: pipe and mayday and ???
When: grunts
Where: around
Warnings: gay

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